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mark shaw
Mark Shaw - Partner in Total Body Fitness, Race Announcer, Multi-Sport Coach, Mountain Bike Coach, Travel Guide

My entry into the multi-sport life was the River of No Return Pentathlon in the summer of 1986. My best friend Bill Driskill convinced me to be his teammate in the race with two weeks notice. After a half mile swim in the Russian River, a ten mile canoe journey downriver, a one mile uphill canoe portage, a 9 mile rolling run and a twenty mile road bike I was unable to move and unable to wipe the smile off of my face. Over the next 5 years Bill and I tried to figure a way to make a living teaching multi-sport to others.  Bill got Total Body Fitness started in 1991 and I joined him in 1993. Total Body Fitness has grown into a multi-sport training, racing and travel company with a coaching staff and racing staff of over 40 people.

Going outside to play was the best part of growing up. Play was coming up with new games, designing obstacle courses, making skateboards, climbing trees, catching any thing we could, piecing together scraps for bike jumps, riding wheelies, playing sports, racing motorcycles, racing bicycles, finding triathlon and always looking ahead. As a TBF Coach, I get to share my passion and knowledge of play with others and encourage them to remove limits, set goals, get moving, have fun and enjoy life. The most rewarding part of being a TBF Coach is witnessing the change in the athletes as they gain confidence, build skills, stay motivated and develop a love for the multi-sport lifestyle.

May races for this year are Ironman China April 20, Auburn International Triathlon May 18th, Tri-For-Real June 8, Tri-For-Fun July 12, Vineman Half Ironman Triathlon July 20 and the Tahoe Sierra 100 on September 6th. My main goal is a sub-5 at Vineman Half.

Dan Foster
Dan Foster -Partner in TBF Training, Multi-Sport Coach, Mountain Bike Coach, Travel Guide

Dan joined Total Body Fitness Training as a co-owner/partner in the multi-sport training business. Before joining TBF Training, Dan studied geology at California State University Sacrament and then spent 12 year working in the environmental consulting field as a hydrogeologist. However, as of 2002, Dan’s hobby has become his profession as TBF Training’s head coach.

Dan enjoys seeing all the positive changes in the athletes that participate in TBF’s program. TBF Training classes, clinics, and workouts help athletes of all levels learn fundamental techniques of exercise, triathlon, and sports physiology. This knowledge is combined with motivation and the result is a “life changing fitness experience”. Dan teaches adults how to have fun again, how to play again, and he encourages people to “live outside their comfort zone”. At the end of the day, Dan’s “real” paycheck changing lives one at a time by helping them realize their fitness goals and dreams.

In addition to being passionate about triathlon, Dan enjoys a variety of other outdoor activities; Skiing/snowboarding, fishing, moto-X, backpacking, water skiing, golf, skating, and more! However, his primary fitness goal is to complete at least one 140.6 event each year as an on-going challenge to himself. Ultimately, Dan wishes to qualify for the “Big Dance”, Ironman Hawaii!

Dan’s 140.6 Finishes: California Man 2005, Ironman China 2008, Vineman 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and Ironman Tahoe 2013.

Dan’s Century Finishes: Markleeyville Death Ride 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, Napa Century, Delta Century, Wildflower, Party-Pardee, Fall Foxy, and several others!

Not only does Dan preach the multi-sport lifestyle...he lives it too. Being head coach for TBF Training allows Dan to enjoy great workouts almost every day of the year. Leading by example is the best way to show others how it can be done. Fitness is truly Dan’s passion in life and he is super excited to share this passion with others!

coach katie Katie Feickert - Multi-Sport Coach, Head Swim Coach

2008 Training and Racing goals:
“My goals this year are to do two sprint distance triathlons, 2 olympic distance triathlons, and conclude the season with a ½ marathon”.

2008 Race Schedule:
2 Tri-4-Funs
1 Tri-4-Real
1 other Olympic distance tri
Disneyland ½ Marathon

How did you get started with TBF?
“I got started with TBF in 2003. I signed up for the tri class and after my first swim clinic I asked if I could help as a coach. Mark, Bill, and Dan watched and listened to my “skills”, liked what they heard, and welcomed me aboard!

What is your favorite thing about being a TBF Coach?
My favorite aspect about being a TBF Coach is helping the athletes. When athletes ask me for tips, advice, or pointers, they are always so thankful! I love when athletes say “thank you” and show their appreciation…this keeps me coming back for more!

What was your first tri? What was your most memorable moment?
My first triathlon was the Danskin in 2001 in Sacramento. I loved it! It was an all women’s sprint distance triathlon race.

My most memorable triathlon was my first Olympic distance (Tri-4-Real) in August 2007.

Amber Brewer Amber Brewer - Multi-Sport Coach

My very first multi-sport event was the Golden State Triathlon in 2000. Since staying fit and healthy have always been of great importance to me, when a friend asked me to do a triathlon with her, I thought “sure, why not?” I’m not going to lie, it was hard, but also very rewarding! Fast forward to 2 marathons, and a few half marathons later, I decided to try the infamously difficult Wildflower Olympic distance triathlon. This is when I knew I needed some serious training…so, in 2008 I joined TBF Training. Since then, I’ve completed several triathlons, and am now training to complete my first full 'Vineman' ironman distance race. The experience I've gained training and racing with TBF has helped me grow as an athlete, and push myself beyond what I ever thought I could do. It has definitely made me realize that you can set goals, and they are absolutely attainable with proper training and mental attitude.

When we put fitness and health as a priority in our lives, everything else seems easier, the happy endorphins take over, and the everyday challenges of life don’t seem as daunting. This has been my personal experience, and I couldn't be more excited about helping others realize this in their own lives!

Below is a summary of my race history:

10+ Half Marathons
Dublin marathon
Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon
Run on The Sly 20 miler
20+ Sprint distance triathlons
Wildflower Olympic distance triathlons
Wildflower 70.3
Big Kahuna 70.3
Folsom International 66.0 Triathlon
Several metric-century cycling events

Tim Sorensen Tim Sorensen - Multi Sport Coach, IRON Coach
Booth Borcherding Booth Borcherding - Multi Sport Coach, IRON Coach
MarkPoole Mark Poole - Multi Sport Coach
Chris Strutz Chris Strutz - Multi Sport Coach
spence gerber Spence Gerber - Multi-Sport Coach, Mountain Bike Coach

A lifelong runner and long time cyclist, Spence took the plunge and joined the multi-sport lifestyle several years back. With the help of TBF he has become reasonably amphibious, making the swim phase of triathlons something that he now enjoys. Spence appreciates the broad variety of events
multi-sport offers, and competes in sprint to iron distance road events as well as mountain bike off road triathlons. He has been a TBF assistant coach for three years and is currently a TBF Track Attack running coach. He especially enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with those new to the
sport of triathlon. "Triathlon can be enjoyed by anybody, at any age and at any fitness level, so what are you waiting for?"

Anybody who says their first triathlon was perfect has a defective memory. My first triathlon was educational on need for preparedness and planning. I picked a TBF event for my first, and chose the MTB race instead of the sprint race because I was coming of a long lay-off and the run for the MTB event was one mile shorter than the sprint tri. Turns out that really didn't matter since I was so wiped out by the MTB ride that the run (my strongest segment), was more of a stumble. Of course the MTB ride came on the heels of my first open water swim experience, which served to prove that I really didn't know how to swim.

Despite a tough day, the sense of achievement having completed my first official triathlon and positive energy that came from the event and other
participants got me hooked. I immediately sought professional help (TBF Training) and am proof that a plan and some coaching can significantly move
you forward.

The multi-sport lifestyle has also had a positive impact on my professional life. Besides maintaining a level of fitness that keeps me sharper during
the work day, I'm constantly incorporating lessons learned multi-sport. The people that I've met through multi-sport continue to provide a level of
energy and support that I've rarely experienced in my life. That by itself is enough to keep me enthusiastic and excited about the years to come.

Laurie Hom

Laurie Hom - Multi-Sport Coach, Mountain Bike Coach

Laurie first joined TBF in the fall of 2001 when she took her first class from TBF, a Mountain Bike Class. Courtney Cardenas and Mark coached the class and she was hooked! She was not a big fan of running and not really a swimmer at all, but can do both now. Laurie's first ever triathlon was the Danskin Triathlon in 2002.

What Laurie enjoys most about coaching for TBF Training is the thrill she gets when she sees the athletes in the classes complete their first Triathlon. Laurie motivates and inspires herself. To complete any endurance event is a win for me, she says.

Her top goals for 2007 are the MTB Challenge Mountain Bike race in March, the Tri for Fun in July and the Disney Half Marathon in September. Laurie has competed in 2 triathlons, 3 duathlons, a half marathon and mountain bike races.

Michelle Morley

Michelle Morley- Multi-Sport Coach, Swim Coach

I first joined TBF in the fall of 2004 triathlon class. I finished the Luna Bar and Golden State Triathlon while participating in that class. I was hooked and continued training with TBF for the spring and summer class of 2005.
Bill surprised me at the July tri for fun as I was setting up transition and asked if I would like to help coach swimming for the upcoming fall class. I was excited to start giving back.

I am thrilled to say that I have completed two of my 2008 goals so far. I finished my first half marathon and the xterra real triathlon. I also plan to do an Olympic distance triathlon and continue my tradition of swimming from Alcatraz and complete my 7th crossing.

What I enjoy most about coaching for TBF is observing the hard work that athletes put into their training and witnessing their first finish. Every finish is so personal and unique.

My best race moment has to be at XTERRA REAL when I finished the mt. bike and all my training partners and TBF family cheered for me. I felt like it couldn't get better then this until I crossed that finish line!

Becky Matsuoka
Becky Matsuoka

Becky Matsuoka first joined TBF in 2002 as a member of the TBF mountain bike class. Becky then joined our triathlon class where she credits TBF coaching and a friendly learning environment for her skill development in all three disciplines. Becky had great fun at her first triathlon finish at the River City Triathlon in 2003. Becky has been training, racing and traveling with TBF ever since.

Becky enjoys working with the TBF team as a triathlon coach. She loves meeting motivated people that want to learn and enjoy a new multi-sport lifestyle.

On May 12, 2007 she became the 19th person to climb Doi Pahom Pok (2285 meters - Chiang Mai, Thailand) on a mountain bike. Her top goal this year is to master the one-mile swim in open water. She says the many spirited people of TBF help her stay motivated to perform better as a coach and athlete.

Tiffiny Ferrell

Tiffiny Ferrell

1. How you got started with TBF - For a few years, I wanted to get involved with triathlon, but knew I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. I had been involved in group workouts before and enjoyed having others to train with and the camaraderie. I found TBF and the rest is history!

2. 2008 Training and Racing Goals - On August 3rd, I hope to finish my first Olympic distance triathlon with TBF!

3. What you enjoy most about being a TBF Triathlon Coach - Triathlon has renewed my love for swimming. Swimming is the sport about which most people say, "I can't". I want them to say "I can!" I love to sit at the finish line of a race and watch triathletes cross the finish line! It never ceases to be inspiring, no matter how many times I see it!

4. Your first triathlon and best triathlon race moment - My first triathlon was a sprint in 2007 with TBF and I was on a high when I finished! I couldn't wait to do another one.

My best triathlon moment was forgetting my concern over sharks during a triathlon swim in the ocean. There were two girls in my wave group kicking my butt and all I wanted to do was catch them! Sharks? What sharks?

Carrie Nutter

Carrie Nutter

While signing up for my first triathlon I stumbled across TBF's training program and decided to join. After my first class and the completion of my first triathlon (golden state 2006) I was addicted. In 2007 I focused on improving my times and overall fitness. At the end of 2007, Mark asked me to help coach swimming.

My favorite part of coaching is watching the athletes run up the hill to T1 after their first half mile swim. The smiles on their faces is extremely rewarding. My best memories of triathlon are the finish line celebrations with my friends.

In 2008 my goals are to complete my first half marathon (completed) my first olympic distance (completed) and my first half ironman (barbs race august 2nd).

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