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Fitness Quest Boot Camp

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Fitness Quest Boot Camp

Where: in front of the Clunie Library (601 Alhambra Blvd.), look for the Total Body Fitness tent.

When:  Tuesday evenings

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm.

Recommended equipment: Run apparel, run shoes, water bottle, large towel, clothing layers (cold weather), and dry/warm clothes for after Class.

Cost:  $40/month.  $99/quarter.  $249/annual. $20 per workout.

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Fitness Quest Boot Camps are designed to help you take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle. Get started, get in shape, get strong, lose weight, and get the motivation that you need to realize your fitness transformation!

Fitness Quest Boot Camps are appropriate for anyone wanting to "get in shape", tone their body, lose a few pounds or improve their athletic fitness.  The workout routine changes every week which keeps the “muscle confusion” going.  And, working out in the outdoors is much better than being in a stuffy gym.  Put all of this together and the Fitness Quest Boot Camps are not only effective but their fun too!

The focus of the Camps will be on general fitness, functional strength, and having fun while getting fit! The workout features a dynamic warm-up, functional strength training, cardiovascular challenges, agility training/obstacle course, and “fun & games”.  So, if you wish to lose some weight, improve your flexibility, get stronger, and increase your stamina…the Fitness Quest Boot Camp is a guaranteed winner!

Your first Fitness Quest Boot Camp workout is FREE when you email Dan Foster for the password!

I have gotten stronger and I have TBF and wonderful coaches to thank! Not only do I feel stronger on the outside, I feel stronger on the inside. I feel that staying fit changes your outlook and makes you mentally stronger as well as physically. Thanks for your encouragement and for always being out there for me TBF!
Kim K.

If you want more information about the Fitness Quest Boot Camp, feel free to email or call TBF Head Coach Dan Foster; dan@totalbodyfitness.com  (916 261 2629).


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